Dear Patient

Please take note of the following process regarding your admission to Mediclinic.

For your safety, we have implemented the following precautions related to COVID-19: 

All patients will be tested for COVID-19 upon admission if it has not been done pre-operatively.

Patients will be allocated to specific areas in the hospital, based on their risk factors and test results.

Daily symptom screening will be performed by our staff so that we can identify any change in your condition without delay.

Kindly note that the patients you room with (including yourself) might test positive at some stage. Patients who test positive will be relocated and separated from confirmed COVID-19-negative patients.

 you were previously tested for COVID-19, but your results are older than five days, you might be retested.

We are committed to taking the following precautions:

We apply social distancing, and our beds are adequately spaced to prevent transmission. 

We encourage general hand hygiene and sufficient facilities (i.e. soap, basins and alcohol hand sanitizer dispensers) are available for patients and staff to perform hand hygiene regularly.

Universal masking is compulsory and all patients, staff, doctors and support personnel must wear a mask (i.e. cloth or surgical) at all times. Kindly request that a family member brings extra masks to the hospital to ensure you can wear a clean mask every day. Please do not remove your mask unnecessarily. We recommend that you only remove it for eating and drinking.

We suggest that personal items (i.e. cell phones, chargers, food or magazines) not be shared between individuals.

We prioritise cleaning of shared environments, i.e. rooms and bathrooms. These areas can be cleaned more often on request.

Please ring the bell after visiting the bathroom to ensure that it is cleaned. 

Please keep the windows open (if the weather permits).

Please be sure to practise cough etiquette: cough into your elbow or use a tissue if you are not wearing your cloth mask. Do not remove your cloth mask to cough. Remember to perform hand hygiene after coughing or sneezing.

Please refrain from assisting other patients as this might pose a risk to you. We suggest that you rather use your call bell if you or any other patient requires any assistance.

Please make use of the various friendly notices we have placed in the hospital for your ease of reference to remind you of the required safety precautions related to the wearing of masks, hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing.

We value your feedback and welcome any suggestions on how to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible or to further improve our service.