Mediclinic Midstream boasts a variety of specialised nursing units

Adult Critical Care Units

The two critical care units are highly specialised facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. These units are staffed by highly trained nursing personnel and supported by highly skilled medical specialists and associated professionals in private practice.

Neonatal Critical Care Unit

The unit offers high and critical care beds, of which two are in special isolation units, and is equipped with a high-frequency oscillator ventilator, to treat premature babies with as little damage to the lungs as possible. Nitricoxide therapy is also available for critical care patients.

Emergency Centre

The 24-hour Emergency Centre is uniquely positioned to assist in any medical situation. The centre is staffed by a team of experienced medical and trauma specialists, including a doctor. Patients have access to all hospital facilities and associated specialists.

Endoscopy Unit

The endoscopy unit, home of the gastroenterology unit, offers two endoscopy theatres and paediatric gastroenterologists. The unit is equipped with the latest video-endoscopic technology for diagnostic procedures such as the evaluation of heartburn and stomach ulcers, and for therapeutic procedures such as the removal of gallstones.

Electrophysiology Laboratory (EP Lab)

This is a state-of-the-art electrophysiology laboratory for the treatment of heart rhythm disturbances. The lab is one of only a handful in South Africa to perform ablation procedures.

Theatre Suite

The sophisticated theatre complex comprises seven theatres, all of which are fitted with multimedia equipment and laminar flow. The theatres have been designed to accommodate various surgical disciplines and include a cardiac theatre, catheterisation laboratory and a vascular surgery theatre.

Supplementary Services

  1. Pathology (Vermaak & Partners, Ampath, Lancet)
  2. Nuclear Medicine: General Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT (TheraMed Nuclear)
  3. Radiology: CT and MRI scans (Scholtz & Partners)
  4. Baby Clinic
  5. Adult and paediatric gastroenterology
  6. Audiology and speech therapy
  7. Biokinetics
  8. Chiropractitioner
  9. Dialysis Centre
  10. Oncology Centre
  11. Orthotics
  12. Physiotherapy
  13. Wound care clinic