Mediclinic Nelspruit Day Clinic will begin operations mid January 2020. This will be Mediclinic Southern Africa’s sixth clinic focusing exclusively on same day surgery. Concentrating only on minor surgical procedures will enable Mediclinic Nelspruit Day Clinic to be particularly streamlined, efficient as well as cost-effective, without compromising on the high clinical standards of the main hospital.

“We are excited to open this much needed day clinic in the Nelspruit area, broadening access to stream-lined private medical care,” explains Joey le Roux, Mediclinic Southern Africa Operations Executive: Northern Region.

Day case surgery refers to patients undergoing planned, non-emergency surgical procedures that are admitted and discharged on the day of surgery. Examples of typical day surgery include ear, nose and throat surgery such as a tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils); facial and oral surgery, such as wisdom tooth extraction and dermatological procedures. Further examples of possible day procedures include gastroscopies and colonoscopies.

Mediclinic Nelspruit Day Clinic will offer three fully equipped theatres and one procedure room with specialised staff, consulting rooms and additional parking. While the focus is on non-acute procedures, the new cubicle design offers patients ample time for patients to recover in privacy, before they are safely discharged.

The cubicle design allows elements such as patient privacy to be optimised while at the same time improving ease of access for nurses and doctors involved in the care. The layout of the cubicles also offers nurses a full view of patients before and after surgery.

The day clinic, co-located on the premises of the Mediclinic Nelspruit in Louise Street predominantly serves people residing in and around Nelspruit and also as far as Belfast to Hoedspruit, Swaziland and Mozambique.

According to Mediclinic Nelspruit Hospital General Manager Carmen Savva, the services of the day clinic are based on the needs of the public. “Our unrelenting focus on patient care will continue within this day clinic where patients will receive the same quality care and expertise they are accustomed to from Mediclinic.

“As simple, speedy and easy access will be the order of the day, patients will have the added advantage of knowing their exact date and time of admission, as well as expected theatre and discharge times. The client therefore experiences little or no waiting periods before and after surgery, because everything will be carefully pre-arranged. Coupled with the fact that services are offered in a friendly, non-threatening environment with well-trained staff, it can only ease the patient’s stress levels while focusing on recovery,” she explains.

Some of the many advantages patients of the Mediclinic Nelspruit Day Clinic can look forward to, include the following:

  • Knowing their date and time of admission, as well as expected theatre and discharge time 
  • Little or no waiting periods before and after surgery 
  • A fully equipped medical facility on their doorstep 
  • The same welcoming and non-threatening environment as Mediclinic Nelspruit 
  • Dedicated, well-trained, caring staff focusing on day patients only 
  • Standardised processes make simple, speedy and easy access possible 
  • Same-day ease of admission and discharge with minimal forms to complete 
  • Patients are treated by medical experts with the same high-quality, patient-centred clinical care of the main hospital

According to MCSA’s Operations Manager: Day Clinics, Pieter Lotz, the day clinic will offer a convenient, efficient and lean-cost facility to patients, without compromising on quality healthcare. “Doctors will, for instance, still be involved in thorough pre-operative assessments to eliminate risks and complications for the patients during and after medical procedures,” he assures.

For further information on Mediclinic Nelspruit Day Clinic, please contact:

Magda Potgieter
Day Clinic Manager
Tel: 013 759 0501

Robyn Baard
Patient Experience Manager
Tel: 013 759 0613

Carmen Savva
Hospital General Manager – Mediclinic Nelspruit
Tel: 013 759 0782

For media enquiries, please contact:

Tertia Kruger
Corporate Communication Manager, Mediclinic Southern Africa
Tel 012 809 6500