Patients at Mediclinic Gariep are now benefitting from precise and personalised knee replacement surgery with the aid of a robotic surgical assistant, the Rosa Knee System. As a result, patients are able to recover faster and achieve a greater degree of joint flexibility, allowing them a quicker return to normal activity.

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From left to right, Dr Gerhard Conradie, Dr Kobus van Niekerk and Dr Jannie Oosthuizen

“I believe that the Rosa allows us to deliver an improved quality service to our patients with better outcomes,” says Dr Kobus van Niekerk, orthopaedic surgeon at Mediclinic Gariep. He is one of three orthopaedic surgeons who are now qualified to deliver precision surgery with the assistance of the Rosa robot at this facility.

Orthopaedic surgeons at Mediclinic Gariep have already successfully used the Rosa Knee System to assist with the joint replacements of six patients in the first week of operation. The Rosa combines precise data and a robotic arm, with the surgeon’s skill and experience, to offer a more accurately placed implant in comparison to traditional methods. However, the robot does not perform the surgery, it provides the surgeons with live data and guidance throughout the procedure, moving as the surgeon instructs it to. The surgeons still perform the actual procedure, but make use of the robots data to assist in improving their placement.

“With knee replacements, even one millimetre can make a significant difference. The Rosa Knee System ensures that the fit of the new prosthesis is 100% accurate with each patient,” explains Dr Van Niekerk.

Total knee replacement surgery is a very common and effective treatment for patients suffering with knee arthritis. However, the success of an individual’s knee replacement surgery is closely linked to the fit and function of the new knee implant. With the help of Rosa, patients will experience better quality of life as its precision leaves little room for error.

The Rosa Knee System offers advanced technologies to collect and analyse data before and during surgery, to assist in the planning and placement of knee replacement. It informs the surgeon of unique details related to the knee, which may affect the surgery.

There are only a few Mediclinic hospitals in the country with access to Rosa. According to Dr Jannie Oosthuizen and Dr Gerhard Conradie, the two other surgeons using this technology for knee replacements, the benefits to the patient include reduced pain, lower usage of pain relief medication, fewer physiotherapy sessions and overall improved knee function following surgery. It is also linked to shorter hospital stays and lower rates of hospital readmission compared to traditional surgical techniques.

Patients who prefer robotic assisted knee replacement operation no longer need to go to other hospitals for this service, but can have the operation performed locally in Kimberley. As an additional benefit, there are no additional costs for patients where Rosa is used during knee replacement operations at Mediclinic Gariep.


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