Mediclinic Brits is proud to offer their community access to an improved service through their radiology service.

Scholtz and Partners Diagnostic Radiology recently unveiled its new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit at the hospital. It is a crucial addition to the continuously expanding partnership between Mediclinic Brits and other medical service role players in our community, to further improve and expand healthcare services to our community and the surrounding areas.

Mediclinic Brits has recently expanded and improved its facility and services and is proud that Scholtz and Partners Diagnostic Radiology, has further improved and expanded their diagnostic radiology services, with the addition of a new MRI unit amongst other services.

The newly renovated radiology department is being finalised and additional radiographers, admin staff, and supporting staff have strengthened their service. An additional radiologist, Dr. Francois van der Merwe, has joined Dr. Jakes Möller at the practice. An additional C-arm unit has been acquired to assist image-guided theatre cases such as orthopaedic, urology, and surgical cases. A new sonar machine and fluoroscopy X-ray machine further complement the services and reduce patient waiting times.

The MRI unit will bring many benefits to local patients, most notably the accessibility of the service. An MRI service has always been available through Scholtz and Partners Diagnostic Radiology at Mediclinic Brits, however, the service has never been available on the immediate premises or within the Brits district. Patients were either electively booked or transported to Pretoria, and accommodated at one of the other practices within their network. With the new MRI unit open at Mediclinic Brits access to these services is now more convenient than ever.

MRI is a valuable addition to appropriate radiological and clinical examinations and is best utilised to evaluate soft tissue structures and fluid throughout the body for the purposes of diagnosis, disease staging, and surgical or interventional planning.

MRI aids in diagnosis, disease staging, disease monitoring, and surgical/intervention planning across a wide spectrum of conditions. Although only a few conditions need emergency MRI investigation, most MRI procedure findings do influence patient management.

Examples of conditions requiring emergency MRI are hyper acute strokes, and some spinal trauma cases, as well as a number of other conditions.


Should you wish to utilise any of the above information, please quote Sonja Landman, Hospital General Manager of Mediclinic Brits.

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