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Mediclinic Medforum, a multidisciplinary medical facility, is conveniently situated close to all main access routes to the Pretoria city centre.

Mediclinic Medforum was the first hospital in Pretoria to open a cardio-thoracic unit. The hospital offers patients a broad spectrum of professional medical services and impeccable nursing care provided by a highly skilled personnel corps.

Visiting Hours

Visits from family and friends are an important part of the recovery process and Mediclinic makes every effort to accommodate visitors. Flexible visiting hours apply (09:00 - 20:00), with a resting period between 13:00-15:00, but there may be times when visitors cannot be accommodated. Please enquire at the nurses’ station to confirm if a patient is able to receive visitors. Visitors may be asked to leave the bedside when procedures are carried out in the unit; we appreciate your understanding in this regard.

We ask that visitors respect other patients in the room and restrict the number of individuals visiting to two per bed in general wards, two per bed in critical care units and one person can accompany a patient admitted for a day procedure in the Day ward.

Silent hospitals promote healing. We ask that you put your mobile on silent while on hospital premises, keep volume to a minimum and that any accompanying children are well supervised.

Specialised nursing units

Emergency centre

The 24-hr emergency centre is constantly manned by experienced medical doctors and registered nurses. We make use of the international triage system and each patient will be triaged and seen by the doctor accordingly. The unit endeavours to incorporate the patient's general practitioner in the further treatment of the patient.  

Gastro-enterology unit

The uniqueness of this unit (the first of its kind in Pretoria) lies therein that all our facilities - specialised examinations such as gastroscopies, colonoscopies, placing of stents, sclerotherapy, enteroscopies, sfincterotomies, polipectomies, defeacogrammes and cauterisations - are centralised within one unit. As a specialised unit, we offer the services of a dietician that consults our patients (as needed) after their procedure, in order to develop a therapeutic dietary plan as per their individual requirements.  

Neonatal intensive care unit

This highly specialised neonatal unit, which provides a comprehensive infrastructure of specialists, boasts specialised equipment such as ventilators, oscillators, CPAP drivers, blood gas analysis machines and is registered to operate a Nitrix Oxide machine. A dedicated clinical facilitator assists in the training and development of staff working in the unit ensuring that personnel retain highly specialised and updated skill levels and expertise. Speech therapists, provided in conjunction with the University of Pretoria's Support Care learning programme, are especially involved in the development of neonate’s in teaching the babies with underdeveloped abilities how to suck properly on a bottle. The unit supports “Kangaroo Mother Care” and has a holistic approach to parental involvement regarding the care of their babies. Parents are welcome in the unit at any time and participation in the development of their child is encouraged. Much emphasis is also placed on creating a comfortable and caring environment for both parents and neonates and therefore we have strict requirements regarding noise levels within the unit, as well as light control.  

Pueperium (post-natal) unit

The Puerperium Unit encourages “rooming-in” to allow adequate bonding therefore the birthing partner is not restricted to visiting hours, but allowed anytime until 20:00. With 6 private rooms available upon request, the Puerperium Unit is dedicated to nursing care of the highest quality. We realise that the bond between mother and baby is established directly after birth and the unit, together with the World Health Organisation (WHO) are proud supporters of breast-feeding. Any mother’s wish not to breastfeed her baby however, is respected.

Specialised clinics

  1. Antenatal clinic
  2. Well baby and immunisation clinic
  3. Woundcare clinic

Please direct all enquiries to the client services manager

Supplementary services

  1. CT Scan
  2. Fertility treatment
  3. Pathology
  4. Radiology
  5. Renal dialysis

Our Facilities


  1. ATM
  2. Cafeteria
  3. Massage therapy
  4. Radio
  5. Telephones
  6. Television
Please direct all enquiries to the administrative assistant or the unit manager.

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