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Mediclinic Milnerton is situated in the seaside town of Milnerton in the Western Cape. The hospital offers local, national and international patients a broad spectrum of professional medical services, including; professional consultations, quality medical care and well-equipped operating theatres, and continually strives to improve on its well-established reputation for affordable, specialised, professional healthcare in an environment of caring commitment.

Visiting Hours

Visits from family and friends are an important part of the recovery process and Mediclinic makes every effort to accommodate visitors. Flexible visiting hours apply (09:00 - 20:00), with a resting period between 13:00-15:00, but there may be times when visitors cannot be accommodated. Please enquire at the nurses’ station to confirm if a patient is able to receive visitors. Visitors may be asked to leave the bedside when procedures are carried out in the unit; we appreciate your understanding in this regard.

We ask that visitors respect other patients in the room and restrict the number of individuals visiting to three per bed in general wards and two per bed in critical care units.

Silent hospitals promote healing. We ask that you put your mobile on silent while on hospital premises, keep volume to a minimum and that any accompanying children are well supervised.

Specialised nursing units

Apnoea/sleep unit

State-of-the-art equipment is used in the analysis and treatment of sleep-related disorders. Sleep studies have been conducted at Mediclinic Milnerton since 1994. As good sleep is vital to health and a sense of well being, this facility and the comprehensive medical care offered has proved invaluable and benefited many patients and their families.

Emergency centre

  The 24-hr emergency centre is constantly manned by a professional, multidisciplinary team who are trained in life-saving techniques and supported by state of the art technology. Seriously-ill patients will be treated immediately.


Neonatal intensive/highcare unit


Highly specialised and dedicated medical specialists and nursing personnel play an essential role in the treatment and care of the babies within this unit. The unit is comprised of highcare, intensive care beds, and special isolation units, and is equipped with the latest medical technological equipment in order to care for the infants.  

Specialised clinics

  1. Pre-admission centre
  2. Woundcare clinic
  3. Baby clinic
  4. C.D.E. (Centre for diabetes and endocrinology)

Please direct all enquiries to the Patient Experience Manager.

Supplementary services

  1. CT Scan
  2. Dietetics
  3. MRI
  4. Pathology
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Podiatry
  7. Prosthetics
  8. Radiology

Our Facilities


  1. Pharmacy, Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
  2. Telephones
  3. Television
Please direct all enquiries to the administrative assistant or the unit manager.

Additional Services

  1. Hairdressing - Contact Joanne (071 291 5313)
  2. Beauty treatments - Contact Elize (073 648 4122)
  3. La Leche Leage - Contact Juliet (021 556 0693)

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  Cnr Racecourse & Koeberg Road, Milnerton, 7441

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