Mediclinic employs dedicated trainers at Corporate Office and within our hospitals, and as far as possible we provide our own training internally. When we are not able to address specific learning needs ourselves, we outsource. We have specific requirements and expectations from external training providers. Therefore Mediclinic set out on a very structured process of selecting providers who meet our standards and needs. We have a list of providers we feel comfortable utilising and with whom we are looking forward to build a working relationship. We may however need to expand this list of providers as the need arises and will revise the list annually.

At this moment we do not have a need for outsourcing any new training interventions.

Training provider status

The providers Mediclinic utilise have one of two statuses

Preferred Training Provider: These are providers adhering to the criteria as set by Mediclinic and whom we are ready to use in the area indicated. Most of these providers are those with whom we have worked with in the past and have experienced their service and approach. 

Secondary Training Provider: These are providers adhering to criteria as set by Mediclinic. Most of the training areas/topics these providers offer are ones we have not needed in the past. We prefer to work with these providers to have a benchmark to work from. Secondary Training Providers may be changed to Preferred Training Providers after we have had the opportunity to evaluate their approach, service delivery, and content of the specific training modules and are convinced that the training will meet our needs.

Selection criteria

When considering a training provider for preferred or secondary status, we look at the following:

  • Is the provider accredited/registered as a training provider for the courses they offer
  • What is their BBBEE status
  • Can they provide a tax clearance certificate
  • What courses do they offer
  • Can the provider customise course content to suit our industry
  • What are the credentials of the facilitators
  • Can the provider serve us within South Africa and Namibia
  • Does the provider specialise in the type of training they provide/is it their focus

When will contact be made

We will be in contact with our preferred and secondary training providers as the need arises.The list of preferred and secondary training providers was made available to the relevant training and development employees and they are free to contact the listed providers to arrange for training.

Remaining on par

All preferred training providers will be evaluated on a continuous basis. The training they provide will be evaluated by both the participants and the training and development representative. Evaluation will be on pre-arrangement effectiveness, quality of facilitation, course content, professional conduct, quality of pre- and post-assessment, communication and follow-up. Feedback on this will be communicated to the specific provider. 

Mediclinic reserves the right to remove a provider from our Preferred and Secondary Provider list should the continuous evaluation indicate areas of concern. Such a decision will be communicated to the specific provider.

Becoming a preferred provider

We advertise on this site when we are looking to outsource training. This will be for specific training topics only and training providers will be able to provide us with their details and the relevant course information. Meetings with training providers will then be arranged after evaluation of their submissions where they will have the opportunity to market themselves. From there we will decide if we will be utilising the provider and to what degree.