Imagine a world where clinical healthcare is enhanced by digital resources and platforms. Where patients are active and empowered participants in their own healthcare journey. Mediclinic would like to invite you to join us as we embark on this digital transformation journey.

Mediclinic Southern Africa has long embraced technology as a pivotal element in its quest to offer its clinical staff and affiliated doctors the best tools and support as well as the best experience and treatment for its patients.  

To further realise this vision, the hospital group has invested in developing and expanding its digital backbone – a range of technological products and services that will put Mediclinic at the forefront of technological progress and innovation. 

One of the key platforms being introduced at the start of this journey is the MyMediclinic healthcare app: an exclusive app designed to make a patient’s healthcare journey more seamless, precise, and personal than ever. 

“At Mediclinic, we are always looking at ways of expanding our continuum of care,” explains Greg van Wyk, CEO: Mediclinic Southern Africa. “We want to make our range of expert healthcare options more accessible to all, and this is an important next step in that process.”  

MyMediclinic is a personalised, secure website and app that gives its users convenient, 24-hour access to their personal health information, including everything they need to know before, during and after their hospitalisation. Registered users who log on to the portal have access to their previous medical procedures after December 2020, as well as their treating doctors.  

Users will also be able to: 

  • Complete their online pre-admission form  
  • Quickly identify Mediclinic hospitals, day clinics, associated specialists, as well as essential care providers such as renal or mental health services, located across South Africa and Namibia.
  • Receive the latest and most relevant Mediclinic news and healthcare information.  

The MyMediclinic healthcare portal also offers exclusive access to internationally recognised healthcare articles and interactive information to broaden the reader’s knowledge and understanding. This will help patients draw on trustworthy expertise to understand their conditions and their options, better than ever, and allow Mediclinic to take better care of its patients, over the course of a lifetime.  

Users will also have access to a Chatbot to assist with general queries and concerns and to direct the reader to the most appropriate information.

Mediclinic envisions a more efficient treatment journey, which begins long before an initial consultation and extends to well after recovery: a clinical pathway that interconnects a multidisciplinary team of specialists, all drawing on a unified patient record. As Mediclinic introduces new tools and mechanisms to the care journey, this approach will further improve patient experiences and outcomes.  

MyMediclinic is a much anticipated step towards Mediclinic’s digitised future of healthcare. By empowering its clients, MyMediclinic allows previous, current and future patients to be active agents and partners in their healthcare journey. 

MyMediclinic is a key component of the hospital group’s digital backbone, which will lead to more efficiency in its facilities, greater collaboration between its experts and improved outcomes for its patients. We will continue to enrich the patient journey with beneficial digital enhancements over time.

Van Wyk says “Mediclinic’s continuum of care is enhanced by a client-facing digital backbone, which facilitates ongoing, ever-ready engagement between a patient and their doctor online. The future of healthcare is digital, and it is here. We aim to bring our expertise into the palm of your hand.” 

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