Productivity: Tips for Working From Home

"The practice of attention management is more important than ever, not just for our productivity, but for our peace of mind -" HBR, 2020.

Stay Focused

Practise attention management – control where your attention goes during work hours and recognise when external or internal distractions get in the way.

A key part of attention management is to become aware of what’s distracting you. Ask yourself which distractions have become habits and be mindful that not all distractions are good.

First Steps

  • Acknowledge sources of distraction. What’s taking your attention right now?
  • Take steps to redirect your attention
  • Reward yourself with breaks and ‘treats’ (but avoid snacking on junk food).

Avoid Common Distractions

Children, partners or pets

  • Communicate expectations with anyone who’s at home with you
  • Put up a sign, close a door, post your schedule on the door.


  • Such activities can be gratifying and provide some relief after spending time doing mostly brain work.

Online distractions, for example, social media or even emails

  • Turn off your notifications so they can’t distract you
  • Allocate specific and regular times throughout the day to check your phone and emails.

Additional Tips

To understand why you allow your attention to be stolen, listen to this TED Talk by world-renowned organisational psychologist Adam Grant.