“A leader's job is to make decisions in complicated and incessantly disrupted business environments. For that, they need a high degree of focus. They need skills. They need their leadership energy to be channelled in the right direction”

Gallup Workplace 2019

Welcome to your Leadership Nudges.

Even the most highly motivated managers can fall back into default behaviours and become overly task-oriented during times of high stress and constant change. Even simple leadership practices like setting clear work expectations, giving effective feedback and showing appreciation can be easily overlooked in the frantic pace of work.

To help you bridge the knowing-doing gap, we are introducing weekly leadership nudges. These just-in-time prompts will remind you about the critical leadership behaviours right now.

What are Leadership Nudges?

Leadership nudges are evidence-based behavioural prompts underpinned by the work of behavioural economics researchers, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. A nudge is a small reminder and gentle push to help leaders reflect on their leadership style during the current Covid-19 challenge.

How will it help me lead my team during COVID-19?

Leading during times of crisis requires a different approach to leadership - the previous way of doing things will likely not be effective right now (and may never be again). To help you reflect and adapt you will receive a short weekly nudge every Wednesday aimed at guiding you to new or more effective leadership techniques.

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