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Mediclinic Baby 

Mediclinic Baby

Welcome to the Mediclinic Baby programme

Mediclinic Southern Africa is proud to present the Mediclinic Baby programme.

Printable registration form for Mediclinic Baby:

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or register Online

This is an exclusive programme available to all parents whose babies are born at a Mediclinic hospital.

We know how important expert information is to expectant parents at every stage of pregnancy. We would therefore like to invite you to join the Mediclinic Baby programme, where you will not only receive weekly online newsletters and invitations to hospital events, such as Pregnancy Education Week, but also a host of other benefits and services.

Being part of our programme you can receive:

  • A pregnancy journal, which can be collected at your doctor's rooms or from the client services manager at your chosen Mediclinic hospital. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PREGNANCY JOURNAL
  • Free relevant pregnancy and postnatal information on a weekly basis via email (should you select the option).
  • A FREE award-winning pregnancy app for iPhone or Android.
  • A DVD range covering the following topics: Bathing your newborn, Breastfeeding, Healthy Baby - Happy baby (R50 each incl. postage).
  • As a Mediclinic Baby member you pay a preferential, once-off fee of R450 for Sweet Dreamz to handle the UIF claim on your behalf.
  • Tailor-made antenatal courses, presented by childbirth professionals. These courses are designed to meet your needs and comprise weekly or condensed Saturday classes, or a specially designed weekend getaway. (Enquire at your nearest Mediclinic or visit our website for details.) We'll also provide a handy file in which to keep all your notes from the course you attend.

    Click here for CPR classes in the Western Cape OR here for courses in the North West and Gauteng Provinces.

    We recommend that you attend an antenatal course from ± 26 weeks. Click here to find a childbirth educator.

While in hospital, you will also receive:

  • A luxury baby bag with everything your baby will need for the first few days – excluding baby clothes (selected hospitals do supply clothing). READ MORE
  • A certificate with your baby’s footprint.
  • The option to announce your baby's arrival with a photo on our website.
  • A special celebration surprise for new parents.
  • First immunisation (polio and BCG).
  • "Baby's First Year" book with valuable information and tips. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE BABY'S MILESTONE BOOK

Should you not receive one or any of the above services, please enquire with the hospital staff. 

For information on what to pack for your delivery, please click on one of the following links: English / Afrikaans

Postnatal support

Services such as postnatal classes and baby clinics are offered at selected hospitals.
Click here for CPR classes (currently only available in the Western Cape).

If you would like more information on Mediclinic Baby, please sms the word BABY to 37838 (SMS is charged at R1) or email to

24-HOUR HELPLINE – 0860 233 333 

A dedicated nurse practitioner can be accessed on this number, who can provide information about the programme, our facilities and services as well as medical advice.

If you would like to register for Mediclinic Baby, please click on the link below:
Click here to register for Mediclinic Baby

NOTE: Please remember to book your bed at your Mediclinic  of choice as soon as you receive your authorisation number from the medical aid. The programme registration is not a substitute for this important action.


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