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Mindful eating: your key to weight loss
Last updated: Monday, February 08, 2016

You've tried every diet under the sun, but you're still too chubby. You've just finished your dinner, but you’re still hungry...

Does this sound like you?

You could be a victim of mindless eating and, as such, may never reach your weight-loss goals.

What is mindful eating?
Mindful eating is...

- Being aware and totally present in the moment of eating.
- Paying close attention to the process of eating – the many sensations, thoughts and emotions that form part of this everyday act.
- Slowing down every aspect of the eating process to be fully aware of its different stages, and feeling connected to it.
- Eating to nourish your body and meet your hunger needs accurately, without eating too much or too little.
- Knowing the difference between hunger and satiety cues.
- Understanding the emotional triggers that urge you to eat or stop eating.
- Being aware of your food choices.
- Being alert and observant of how you think about food, and acknowledging food for what it is, rather than categorising it as “good” or “bad”.
- Adopting a mindful way of thinking about food – one in which you don’t judge yourself or disregard any critical thoughts about eating.
- A powerful tool for reawakening the pleasure in eating and drinking.
- An essential skill to managing, maintaining and improving your weight and overall health.

Mindful eating and your weight
Being mindful of what you eat and living a mindful lifestyle can result in significant changes in eating behaviour, weight and even psychological distress, especially in obese people. This is according to a 2010 study conducted by Jeanne Dalen and co-workers, published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine.

Mindful eating has also been shown to be effective in treating binge eating disorder. Findings published in the journ ... Read more


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