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Wake up well
Last updated: Friday, April 24, 2015

Before you rush headlong into the day, invest five minutes in your body and mind.

Your alarm drags you unwillingly from sleep. The sun is up and you should be too. But before you rush headlong into the day, invest five minutes in your body and mind.

Scramble out of bed. Shuffle to the shower. Jump into some clothes. Then hit the road running.

Sound familiar? Well, for most of us it probably is. But there is a better way to do it. A healthier, happier, smoother way.

Here’s how to take control of the day before it takes control of you.

1. Find your focus
Some believe dreams foretell the future. Others think they process the past. Whatever their purpose, dreams are a wonderful clue to the workings of the mind. Problem is, they’re notoriously difficult to remember.

Experts say dream recollection is improved if you stay quiet for a minute after waking. Turn off your alarm immediately and lie still, letting your mind return to your sleep. Keep a notebook next to the bed with a pen bookmarking the next clean page – if your dream does surface, reach out and jot it down in as much detail as possible.

Even if you can’t recall your dream, this morning exercise will bring big benefits: it sharpens your mind and thoughts for a much more focused day.

2. Stretch yourself
Have you ever watched a cat or dog surfacing from sleep? He’ll arch his back, lengthen his spine, stretch each leg and then – fully back in his body – wander off to see what’s up.

We humans should take note of this practical process. So, before you kick off the covers, stretch out every muscle.

Start by lengthening your spine – imagine you’re being pulled in both directions. Then stretch your legs and arms and cross your arms over your body until you feel the muscles in your back. Turn your head a few times on the pillow. And finally, as ... Read more


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