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Travelling with children
Last updated: Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's holiday time and you finally have a chance to get away. Here are a few tips to ensure that you enjoy your trip and don't wish you rather stayed at home...

Proper planning pays off
Get as much information beforehand as possible. Find out what facilities and activities are offered by the hotels or resorts where you would be staying at. If it's difficult for you to take all the essentials such as prams and cots with you, phone around to find out where you could hire items and book them in advance.

Air travel
Plane trips with young children can be hair-raising for parents (and fellow passengers). When you book, find out what the airline offers children. If you fly long distance, don't settle for the cheapest airline – one which caters best for children could be worth every extra cent. 

If your child is under two and doesn't have to pay for an extra seat, buy one anyway if you can afford it. It's much safer for the child, and you'll welcome the extra space. On short trips, avoid flying at peak hour.

When you make your reservation, tell the airline that you'll be flying with a child. There's a chance that they'll block the seat next to you. Also remember to reserve a kiddie's meal for your child.

If you're the only adult, ask for assistance beforehand. You could do with an extra pair of hands when you carry your child and hand luggage to and from the plane.

Carry a backpack instead of a handbag so that you have both hands free. Remember to pack an extra set of clothing for you and your baby.

At the airport:

  • Book in early so that you can sit together.
  • Try to get seats at the back of the plane, close to the toilets and attendants.
  • Use your child's car seat on the plane.
  • If you want to use a sedative, check this with your doctor first. Sometimes medication has the opposite effect and it could even make your child hyperactive. It's t ... Read more


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